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Trailer Home Inspection

Trailer homes are considered to be the most affordable alternative to regular homes. They are usually set up on private land or in the parks. You can either rent it or buy a new or used trailer home based on your requirements.


Below steps should be followed while buying.


Perform thorough research before you commit to buy new. You can visit different dealers and manufacturers and make a list of price, size and features.

Visiting the Dealers:

While visiting the dealer, don’t forget to take the above mentioned list with you. Make sure that the dealer you have chosen has good reputation and clear track record. When deciding a deal one should make sure that the prices and features matches with the ones found during homework.


We will ensure no leakage is in the home. We will also check thoroughly that it is well equipped with basic amenities of life such as central heating system, air conditioning system and good quality flooring.

It is always a good idea to hire a certified home inspector to check for any type of leakage, heating or cooling problems,plumbing, wiring or electricity problems.

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