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Single Family Home Inspection

What is a Single Family Home Inspection?

Professional and certified home inspections are becoming an important factor for everyone seeking or planning to buy or sell a home. A home may look to be in very good condition however issues may need to be addressed after the home inspection is completed.

The need of a professional home inspection is increasing day by day because of increasing litigation due to unknown or undisclosed defects. A normal individual is not supposed to be the expert of all these technical details. This leads to the need a professional home inspector who inspects the home. A typical home inspection will take several hours to complete.

With a professional home inspection a buyer can calculate the most realistic price of the property he or she is going to buy. The home inspection results can be used in negotiating repairs or if the repairs are extensive a buyer may want to back out of the transaction if the contract allows it.

A professional home inspection gives the sellers a better idea about the current condition of their property. This is most important in cases where seller has not lived in the house and isn’t very familiar with it. Such as rental property, inherited property, etc.

With the better understanding of the main features of the home, the seller can bargain more confidently about the pricing by making any necessary repairs prior to putting the house on the market.

A home inspection will be able to make customers aware of the condition of the home by inspecting inside and out of the home. This includes: Exterior, Roof, Deck, Foundation, Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, Attic, Moisture and Water Heater.

Our company also offers add-on services that are the perfect addition to the home inspection to make it complete. We offer the following: FLIR Thermal Imaging, Garage Inspection, Home Energy Audit, Mold Inspection, Pool and Spa Inspection, Sewer Scope Inspection and Termite Inspection.

These benefits of a professional home inspection make this service very popular among buyers and sellers.

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