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Finding the perfect home is everyone’s dream and then realizing it come with a beautiful pool is the cherry on top! But how safe is the pool? You know home inspections are important to have conducted before buying your property, they give you the reassurance that your buying into a place that is safe and functioning properly and a pool inspection should not fall short of that.

Our certified pool and spa inspector will conduct a visual inspection of the pool and look for these common issues:

  1. Damage to or gaps in the fencing
  2. Gates installed improperly
  3. Gates not latching properly
  4. Gates with latches so low that children can easily reach them and open the gate themselves
  5. Decking around pool- cracking, stains or damage
  6. Deck drainage and pool coping- Check that the water is draining away from the pool and slopes away from from the pool
  7. Surface- Check for missing tile, cracked and damage tile, mineral build up and condition of tile grout
  8. Pool body- checked for staining, calcium build-ups, cracks, flaking, damage and lack of maintenance
  9. Levelness of pool- Pools can settle when there was improper compaction, poor fill material or poor load bearing soils. Pools may occasionally pop up a little when there is a high water table, serious leak or flood, especially when not fully filled. Empty pools may also run the risk of pop-up or shifting. This may damage the underground piping, pull the underground electrical conduit apart, as well as damage the pool deck.
  10. Anti-entrapment device- All pools built today require VGB compliant safety equipment so that children or adults don’t get their hair or body entrapped. Older pools may not have the proper equipment, drain design or drain covers to prevent these types of accidents.
  11. Slides, diving boards, ladders and covers- Inspectors will examine pool slides and diving boards for damage, proper installation and for conformance to current safety requirements. They will examine the physical condition of these, especially the older ones which are often damaged or have rusted or deteriorated parts. Pool ladders will be checked that they are secure and in the proper locations. Pool and spa covers will be operated if mechanical and checked for damage. Spa covers will be examined for proper locks, so small children cannot lift the spa cover and climb in when no one is watching.
  12. Equipment and Electrical- Pumps, heaters and filters will be examined for proper operation, leakage and for damage. Seals will be checked and the filter O-rings will be inspected. Heaters will be operated and checked for rodent nest in them. Low electrical wires over the pool, outlets too close to the spa or pool ,and outlets that are not the proper type will be noted for safety reasons. Metal fences, metal gates and other metal items within 5 feet of the pool or spa will be checked for proper electrical bonding.

If the pool appears have significant disrepair, shows lack of maintenance, appears damaged or is empty, then getting an inspection and cost to repair is especially wise. Even if the pool and spa looks great, having a pool inspection may help head off future issue. For most buyers a pool and spa inspection provides peace of mind that they will be able to enjoy the pool for years. Give us a call today to schedule your Pool and Spa Inspection!

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