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Mold Inspection


Mold is a sort of fungus that can become airborne, and settles on wet or damp surfaces both outside and inside of the home.

Having a certified mold inspection is important for a home or property owner because older buildings can often have more places for the mold to thrive. Newer homes may also have mold, but it is more likely in the older buildings due to leaks and different areas of dampness.

Having a certified mold inspection with an inspector who knows how to not only detect the presence of the spores, but also on surface areas can help you to figure out a starting place. Visual inspections can often show problem areas, but there are hidden issues that air and surface samples are the only way of detecting.

These spores generally grow in areas that aren’t usually seen by the naked eye- that is, areas where leaks and dampness are high, such as behind walls, leaky roofs and windowsills or under sinks. All of these areas can enable mold to thrive and over time, a serious problem can develop before the home or property owner really has any idea there is an issue.

If the issue that causes dampness remains, even cleaning will not get rid of the fungus problem. Leaving the leaks intact simply results in the growth of more spores and a toxic mold inspection can help by going through, doing a thorough clean up and also, pointing out what repairs need to be made to prevent regrowth.

Hiring a mold inspector and abatement team is generally critical to not only addressing the issue, but also, making sure that the home is free of mold and not ripe for regrowth.

Mold and air quality testing is essential to those buying new homes.

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Mold Inspection Albert Lea MN

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