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Attic Inspection Albert Lea MN

Most buyers don’t consider having the house’s attic inspected when buying a home. This is often due to thinking about getting a loan, writing a purchase offer, and moving into the home. However, inspecting the attic is just as important as inspecting the other parts of the property and it shouldn’t be neglected since it can give you signs of serious problems that may not be revealed to you.

You can also find out if there were any past fire damages if you get an attic inspection. If the rafters’ color isn’t colored like wood, it may possibly be a sign that the house was burned before. For example: if it is black, sooty and scorched, most likely there was fire; if it is painted with another color (like white), that may be a sign that the fire damage and smoke were covered as painting wood aids in eliminating the smell.

By getting a certified attic inspection you can determine if there are damages caused by water or other safety defects. An inspector would check wood supports and walls to see if there are stains that indicate if water leaked through the roof. Also, condensation may be able to develop round the pipes that can make wood to rot.

In addition, the structure of the chimney can be examined in the attic if it is sturdy. Even if this part of the chimney isn’t open to the elements, it may still deteriorate and weather, especially older houses. A professional inspector can detect whether the mortar has fallen to pieces and if there are cracks in the bricks.

Another problem that must be discovered inside the attic of a house is damage done by rodents, raccoons or squirrels. These critters usually enter inside loose boards or through the eaves. Evidences that can show that such creatures have been in the attic are tiny pellets. They are able to cause significant damage; for example, squirrels can eat through the insulation round the ducts that may bare wires – this may cause fire due to exposed wiring and the insulation can also pose risk to one’s health.

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